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Gain Credibility, Authority and Celebrity by Authoring a Book.

Position Yourself as the ‘Implied Expert’ Attorney in Your Practice Area by Speaking-a-Book with Speakeasy Marketing

OAKLAND GARDENS, N.Y., June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — What’s the difference between your law practice and the law firm you secretly envy who appears on every bus stop, billboard, and TV commercial? Credibility, authority and celebrity is the 3-part platform that makes one attorney flush with clients versus their ‘just-as-competent’ competition in the same market, same practice area, serving the same clients.

The single best and fastest way to garner credibility, authority and celebrity is to author a book in a practice area

The single best and fastest way to garner credibility, authority and celebrity is to author a book in a practice area, such as Divorce, Bankruptcy, Auto Accidents or DUI. Richard Jacobs of Speakeasy Marketing ( has created a uniquely effective, Speak-a-Book process to help attorneys author a book requiring just 2 1/2 hours of their time in total. What used to take years of writing can now be accomplished effortlessly through a recorded phone interview.

“I’ve had over 117 attorneys tell me they were surprised at how easy it was to author their book,” explains Richard Jacobs of Speakeasy Marketing. “A 1 hour, recorded, Q&A phone call where we ask you the most common questions, misconceptions and mistakes people make in your area of law transforms into a 50-60 page book,” Jacobs notes.

Potential clients nowadays view the Internet as their legal advisor and instant portal, giving them access to dozens of attorneys within a click’s reach. Will 30 years’ experience, or claiming to ‘aggressively fight for you’ differentiate you in the minds of potential clients? In today’s ultra-competitive shop-happy environment, authoring a book demonstrates authority, implied expertise, and celebrity to potential clients (who have no idea on who to hire or what makes a ‘good’ attorney).

“We’ve seen retention rates dramatically increase when attorneys email an electronic version of their book to a potential client right at the end of a phone consultation,” says Richard Jacobs.

“People view the book as a gift, say ‘thank you’ and are often compelled to call the attorney who gave them the gift back to retain, even days later.”

Included in the process, a download widget is coded and placed on the attorney’s website that allows potential clients to download the book for free by entering in their name, phone# and email address. This turns the interested potential into a contactable lead, because the information is emailed to the attorney.

The third, and often most impactful use of the book is to have physical copies printed, and to snail mail a book to qualified potential clients before they come in for an appointment, or at the end of an in-office consult.

The Speak-a-Book process starts with a 15-minute discovery phone call – the attorney’s practice areas are discussed, and one or more subjects are chosen for the speak-a-book process. From there, the Speakeasy Marketing team develops a list of commonly-asked and insightful questions that will generate the actual content. Attorneys receive an email with these questions prior to the actual recorded phone interview call, so they can be fully prepared to speak with confidence, yet in an interesting-to-read, conversational manner.

The recorded phone call lasts approximately an hour; afterwards, the session is transcribed to remove any artifacts of conversation, such as ‘umms, uh’s, and yeahs’. Once transcribed and edited by a human editor, front and back covers are designed, relevant pictures and proper disclaimers are added, and the call is put into chapter and book format.

The final book is emailed to the attorney for their revisions, having taken approximately 10 days to reach this point. Once final revisions are made, the book is sent to print, a email-ready pdf is created and sent, and a download box is coded and placed on the attorney’s website.

As an added bonus, the book is also listed on Amazon and Kindle for purchase by the public and additional ‘street cred’ – the attorney can inform potential new clients that their book is available through Amazon and Kindle, further increasing their credibility, celebrity and authority.

Learn more about Speakeasy Marketing’s Speak-a-Book process at

About Speakeasy Marketing

For the past 4 years, I’ve thought daily on how to help attorneys like you improve their marketing to get more potential clients calling, and to convert a higher percentage of them into retainer-paying clients.

I’ve worked in the following practice areas: DUI, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, Wage & Hour, Social Security/Disability, Worker’s Comp, Immigration, Personal Injury including: Auto Accidents, Slips and Falls, Premises Liability, Medical Malpractice, and more.

I’ve helped attorneys succeed in the most competitive and over-saturated markets, (like direct mail in Los Angeles where literally 100-plus attorneys mail) competing with the “big dogs” and their big marketing budgets (ex: PI).


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