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New Self-Help Book for Teenagers and Twenty Somethings

New Self-Help Book for Teenagers and Twentysomethings “Young Leaders 3.0” Provides Insights into the Next Generation for Parents, Educators and Executives

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — “Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers” published today is a must-read for aspiring teenagers and young adults, as well as parents and educators (View the VIDEO trailer, an infographic, and a downloadable sample chapter). This book of anecdotes and interviews features the memoirs of a diverse group of twenty-three 17-to-24 year-old exemplars hailing from twenty elite universities.

These young leaders speak to their peers, offering practical insights and tips on family values, relationships, high school activities, college admissions, college life, internships, and career planning. Their stories—including successes, failures, and lessons learned along the way—go beyond grades, standardized test scores, and resumes. These achievers’ reflections, advice, and personal visions not only help young people prepare for the future, but also help parents, educators, and executives understand how to relate to the next generation.

Author Jason L. Ma wraps up “Young Leaders 3.0” with an epilogue that offers his actionable advice and summarizes the overarching themes, success patterns, and lessons learned.

“This book showcases the progression of soft skills and transformations of the modern multifaceted individual: emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and leadership skills,” said Mr. Ma, founder and CEO of ThreeEQ, a firm that privately mentors students and young adults, coaches, parents, and advises CEOs for success.

How This Book Benefits Readers

  • High Schoolers: Benefit from advice about extracurricular and summer activities, fields of interest (such as entrepreneurship, nonprofits, politics, STEM, and sustainability) to get started on—or to take to the next level—college admissions, making choices, and transitioning to college life.
  • College and University Students: Gain a rare look into the secrets of college success, internship opportunities, and career planning. Enjoy advice on networking, leadership development, and insights into managing failure.
  • Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs: Pick up tips on building employable skills (including adaptability in a dynamically changing world), choosing what types of companies or nonprofits to join, and planning professional progress.
  • Parents, Educators and Executives: Discover what the next generation of leaders is thinking and how they wish to change our future. Learn how to support them. Take parenting for success to the next level. Understand what leadership education is really all about.

More About the Author
Jason L. Ma is a father of two vivacious teen girls, a Forbes contributor, an APEC CEO Summit delegate, a Kairos Society mentor, a Thiel Fellowship mentor, an Audvisor expert, a Forbes Global CEO Conference delegate of eight years, and a B20 Employment Taskforce member (The B20 leads engagement with G20 countries on behalf of the international business community). He is an inspiring public speaker and thought leader. Applying his experience and expertise, Jason provides his nuggets of wisdom through the book and insight into ways readers can use the content to pursue their own endeavors.

Praise Abounds for “Young Leaders 3.0”

Please view http://www.youngleaders3.com/#praise.

“Young Leaders 3.0” demonstrates how youngsters striving to make a difference can help their peers become the leaders of the next generation, and there’s not a trite lesson or suggestion in any of the stimulating chapters. Jason’s stories of the young leaders and his concluding advice in this book provide invaluable guidance, example, and direction for any ambitious youngster who aspires to lead and have a disproportionate impact in the decades ahead.
— Paul Tagliabue, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Georgetown University, and Commissioner of the NFL 1989-2006

“Young Leaders 3.0” is a rich and generous resource of peers helping high school students, college students, and early careerists really kick it out of the park. I wish I had such a great book when I was their age.
Keith Ferrazzi, Author of the NY Times Best Sellers “Never Eat Alone” and “Who’s Got Your Back”

While this is certainly a great book for aspiring young leaders, it also offers senior managers delightful insight into the thinking of the next generation. Global success in the 21st century will require both the new and enlightened thinking of young professionals and entrepreneurs as well as the guidance and wisdom of seasoned leaders. This book serves to get the synapses firing between both generations and acts as a catalyst for a future that starts with passion, education, entrepreneurship, and an informed passing of the torch to a new generation of leadership.
— Jonathan Rosenberg, former Senior VP of Products, Google, and Author of “How Google Works”


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