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One Glass of Wine Per Day is Bad For Your Health

Say goodbye to one glass of wine or one beer day.

Yes, once again it appears that researchers have changed their mind and/or results and findings.  In other words, one drink a day will no longer keep the doctor away.  What are they going to tell us next?  That smoking is no longer good for you 🙂 LOL

In the latest study it appears that a one glass of wine per day my actually be worse for  you then better.  New research has found that drinking one glass of wine per day has been linked to different kinds of cancer — including breast cancer.  It appears that all the promotion for wine being good for your heart may still be right, however this new cancer thing makes you ask yourself would I rather have a good heart and cancer or hope for the best and pass on the wine.

“Alcohol has long been known and recognized as a human carcinogen, so even some alcohol consumption raises your risks,” Dr. Timothy Naimi, an alcohol researcher at Boston University’s School of Public Health and a physician at the Boston University Medical Center who helped design and direct the study, told Yahoo! Shine in an interview. “On the balance of all people who begin drinking, many more people are killed by alcohol than helped by it.”

Well come on folks, we all know and have always known that drinking is not good for you.  They can tell you as much as they want about how good drinking is for you, but if just use common sense not drinking in general is better then drinking.  And certainly don’t start drinking because you think it is goof for your heart.  There are plenty of great substitutes out there and all natural healthy beverage and supplements that make a bigger difference.  Oh, and lets not forget actual good old fashion fruits and vegetables 🙂


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