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Russia Meteor Landing Early Warning Signs No Surprise

Meteor, Asteroids, and Sun Flares OH My!

If you think today’s Meteor hitting earth was just a fluke, think again.  Look at all the warning signs surrounding this event and future ones to come.  For the last three days I have been saying that the Asteroid headed for earth today wasn’t a good sign.  That an asteroid about half the size of a football field 17,000 miles away from earth was a very concerning subject.  !7,000 miles, is not a long way away.  And at the rate these things travel think about how fast it can cover that space.  17,000 mile is like driving from New York to Los Angeles five times.  That is not far and by car that distance can be covered in about 240 hours.  If that Asteroid hits us, there will be well more then 1,000 people injured.  There will be cities of people enileated.  Obviously, if it was actually going to hit us, they would never tell us.  Sometimes you have to look at the early warning signs, the writing on the wall.  Sometimes, you have to put two and two together, because no one is actually willing to give you that answer.


I don’t know if anyone actually new this was coming or not.  But if they did, it is doubtful they would let us know.  The Asteroid “passing” by today might actually not be passing by at all.  What if our gravitational pull brings it in too?  And I don’t think it is that hard to imagine that there may be more meteors on their way.

Whether it is today’s Asteroid or one to come, one thing is for sure we are in a Asteroid Belt and things are flying all around us all the time.

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