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Take Stock in Murder – Mystery Solvers Carrie and Charles Faraday Return in Millie Mack’s Newest Novel

Take Stock in Murder follows the Faradays as they investigate the murder of Todd Barrington, the son of a prominent member of the community and Tri-County Country Club

NOTTINGHAM, Md., Jan. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Faradays are today’s version of past favorite sleuthing couples who put their heads together to combine wisdom and wedded experience to solve a complicated murder. Out of the blue, Carrie Faraday finds herself charged with the murder of Todd Barrington, the son of a prominent member of the community and Tri-County Country Club. But this time the crime is personal as the evidence keeps mounting–and it all points to Carrie as the murderer.

Todd is a notorious flirt and suspected of numerous affairs with the ladies of the country club. Did one of them become jealous and seek revenge? Could one of the husbands have found out about his wife’s affair and murdered Todd?

Carrie and Charles uncover something else about Todd–he had lots of money–much more than his salary from the family brokerage firm provided. Where did he get those additional funds and is the money related to his death?

There is no shortage of suspects, but which one actually committed the murder? More importantly, will Carrie and Charles find the clues to uncover the real killer before time runs out for Carrie?

Once you have solved this murder, you may want to follow the Faradays in “Take a Dive for Murder” their debut sleuthing caper.

About Millie Mack

Millie Mack is an author who loves mysteries and everything mysterious (including her cats). She enjoys mystery books, movies and jigsaw puzzles.

She was born in Philadelphia, worked in Washington for many years and currently lives near Baltimore. These three cities helped her create the fictional town of Tri-City featured in the book.

Millie Mack has been writing a blog for mystery lovers www.darkandstormynights.com since 2010. She is currently completing the third book in her series featuring Carrie and Charles Faraday.

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